The 60th Annual Ride of the Verde Vaqueros is ready to go!

We have a lot of great events planned for this year so please look through the attached flyers.

CAMP OPENING – The first official camp meal provided by Houston’s Catering will be Monday’s lunch, April 9th at noon. If you plan to come in before Monday you will need to take care of your own food and beverage.

 RANCH LOCATION – The ranch is out of Kirkland Junction, between Wickenburg and Prescott. The suggested route is Route 89 to Wickenburg, Congress and Kirkland Junction. Out of Phoenix we recommend I-17 to State Route 74 (Carefree Highway) and west on 74 to 89. It will take you about 2 ½ hours to get there. Before you reach Kirkland Junction, turn right (east) toward Wagoner and follow the V.V. signs to the ranch. (Map enclosed)

Horse Rental

Tanner Bryson

Verde Member Ride


Live Performance by Pat James

Horse Rental by

Tanner Bryson

Performing Wednesday and Thursday Evenings

2018 Verde Vaqueros Ride
Rent your horse from Verde Vaqueros ONLY approved horse provider! To secure your
reservation, please send a check made out to ‘Tanner Bryson’ in the amount of $400.00, due
by March 1st. This will secure a horse for you, including all tack and a wrangler. Rental
must be secured in advance and offered at a ‘First come, First serve’ basis. Reservations
taken after the 1st of March, will be assessed for $25.00 extra. Additionally, this year there
will be an opportunity to reserve horses for ‘Fiesta Day’ for a one-day fee of $125.00 and
$150.00 after March 1st. No sharing of horses will be permitted

Viejo Member 


Annual Ride  Applications

Verde Vaqueros

Saddle Up Letter

Verde Guest Ride


60th Annual Ride

Pat James 

Bio Flyer

Born in the heart of the American West, Phoenix, Arizona, Pat James was only 9 years old when he had his first guitar lesson. What started out as a hobby soon became a passion. As early as 13, he knew that he might eventually be a musician, and he knew beyond any doubt that he would be a singer.

Fiesta Day Application

April 9th - 14th 2018