Scores for each shooter are noted on a large score board at the Shooting Shack. Shooters who shoot at least two rounds during the ride are eligible for a final competition round shoot off based upon the average of their best two rounds shot during the ride. Three competitive prize categories are established based on the shooters averages. Prizes are awarded to the shoot off winner of each category with the Grand Champion receiving the Shooting belt buckle for that year's ride. Shooting is open to anyone on the ride, including Fiesta Day guests however, only Verde Vaquero members are eligible to win any of the three shooting prizes.

Verde Vaquero

Clay Target Shooting Program

The shooting program is open to shooters of any experience level from experts to those who have never shot before. Expert instruction is available to anyone during the ride at no cost. The Shooting Shack has a large covered porch facing the shooting range which allows spectators to view the shooting and offer "sound personal advice" to shooters on the course. Refreshments are available at the Shack (alcoholic beverages are not permitted) for no cost. Shooting typically begins a day before the official opening of camp and ends the last day of the Ride. The shooting program also operates during the annual Couples Ride thus giving the ladies an opportunity to participate. Expert instruction is also available during the Couples Ride.

 The  Shooting Committee invites one and all to come down to the Shack during either the Annual Ride or Couples Ride,  have some fun, and break some clays. 

The Verde Vaqueros established a Sporting Clays Shooting program in 2011. Sporting Clay Shooting is similar to Trap Shooting except that the Clay target throwers are randomly distributed throughout the range instead of being located in a fixed position Trap House. Sporting Clay Shooting is often likened to "golf with a shotgun". The Verdes have constructed a Shooting Shack which is the headquarters for the Shooting program. The course consists of 5 shooting stations, each station containing two clay target throwers. Shooting a round consists of a shooter buying a box of shotgun shells (25 shells/box) and using his own 12 or 20 gauge shotgun or one of the Verdes "rental" shotguns (no charge for a rental), and shooting at 5 targets at each of the 5 stations for a total of 25 targets shot.